More breakin ???'s

When do you do the first oil change? I rode the bike on the local track maybe 10-15 laps never really pushing it. Should I do an oil change now, or should I ride it alittle bit more.

yep change it now. There could easily be shavings from the initial wear. Plus the rings leak gas into the oil diluting it until they seat fully.

If there is a lot change it again real soon, and keep changing it often until it tapers off. The 02's never did stop creating shavings from the tranny, but thankfully yamaha cured it by 04. Assuming they are doing the same thing for the 05's they should be low on shavings as well.

That was the feeling that I had.

Do not change your factory break-in oil before the bike is broke in for some 1,5-2 hours. The oil is allowing the piston rings to wear in properly with the cylinder. Break it in hard for 10-15 min intervals lettin it cool down some 10 mins between the rides. This way the engine is broke-in correctly. Then change oil and filter and only use correct type of oil. Change the oil every 2-4 hours and the filter every second oilchange. I have broken in 3 new big thumpers this way and never had any top end problems.

who ever told you that?

diluted oil does not help a thing during break in.

Yeah, I've never heard of this "breakin oil" he speaks of...

There is no harm from changing the oil earlier than usual. The excess fuel and shavings do absolutely no good in the engine.

The only thing I've heard is to wait until the engine is broken in before switching to synthetics. I did that at my first oil change.

I think I ran two tanks of gas out of it before I did the initial change. I still usually change it every two tanks or so. We usually only burn a tank each outing, and I change the oil every second run.

Btw, my opinion doesn't mean much in this line of thought, but I for one will never do a "motoman" break in on one of my engines. Personally I like the go easy on it with the occaisional full throttle blips to seat the rings for the first few tanks.

My bike has plenty of power and doesn't burn any oil.

It does not harm to change oil even after 5 first laps/minutes just as long you do not go for synthetic oil. The original oil is there for braking in the engine, and you need to break it in as you ride it to get the rings seated properly; OK, it does not mean you need to rape it. The rings get seated real quick and the oil will not be diluted. Bottom line is you should not run it too hot; let it cool down between rides. If the engine has too tight tolerances it will blow up anyhow, no matter how you do it. Sounds rough. This is only my opinion too, and I'm not a mechanic but it has worked for us.


there is definitely two well defined camps when it comes to break in.

I have always broken my engines in by doing a few warm/cool cycles, and then I go hammer the snot out of them in a gear that puts the engine under a load. I dont let them rev to the moon I just load them heavily so the rings seat quickly.

The thought is that by easing into a breakin the rings may never fully seat, and that leads to loss of power from blowby. Obviously with a single piston engine it would be difficult at best to feel that loss, but with an 8 cylinder it's readily apparent. Pull a hose off of a valve cover and the hole will puff oil film out just like an old locomotive train.

some newer cars do say to not change the oil until after the break in. But thats because the manufacturer is adding stuff to the oil to help with friction. Yamaha does not add anything to their bikes so it does not apply to them.

Definitely swap that oil, you're engine will thank you.

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