ironman sprckets?

ordered one because it looked like it would work and they get good press,well upon inspection the thing looks like it's been cut out with an oxy-acetylene torch by a shop class student! even the teeth had big burrs on them from the cutting process.called dirt tricks(the co. that makes them)they were cordial and sent out a pick-up and sent a new one,we'll see what the next one looks like. is this normal and they just wear in with the chain(i'm guessing chrome moly is softer than the carbon steel chain rollers?)or will this cause premature chain failure? anyone use these? :thumbsup:

Hey Bob,

I run Ironman exclusively. I never had a burr issue on any of them. They are a good company to deal with and I get about 3000. miles out of a set with a new chain. I am very happy with the value. :thumbsup:

got the replacement sprocket today,and it was the way it was supposed to be! called dirt tricks and told them i was now satisfied and asked them what happened with the other one,he said that the machine that cuts them will run too hot sometimes and will give it the slag effect and that one got by QC. so :thumbsup: to dirt tricks for customer satisfaction when there's a problem!

Glad it was just a bad finish on the other sprocket. I love them!

Hey Indy and NC what kind of chain are you guys running? NC I see VMX on profile that's D.I.D right? Who sells the cheapest Ironman sprockets?

Ive been very satisfied with mine too, tough sprocket, I run an RK,x-ring, I ordered mine out of my local shop, but you can order directly from Ironman, they occasionlly run a small add in the back of DirtRider.

ya vmx is DID i got mine from TT store. ironman backs their product well,the first sprocket i recieved was a reject and they had a replacement in the mail and a p/u order for the next day,now thats service! :cry:

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