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My xr650r is making a loud clicking noise. I rode it on a dual sport event and didnt notice it. I was having problems starting it at the event, so when I got home, I cleaned the carb out and adjusted the valves. It starts fine now but makes the clicking noise. Any suggestions??? The engine has never been apart. Also, I installed a new decompression cable a couple months before this ride and didnt notice any noise. Please help?


My xr650r is making a loud clicking noise.... adjusted the valves. It starts fine now but makes the clicking noise. Any suggestions???

I'd start by checking your valve clearances again. What did you set them at?

Stock specs. We've adjusted them twice and still have clicking.

Do you have the manual to go by for checking the valves?

yes, I have the manual. I have checked the valves before with no problems. Could it have something to do with the decompression cable???

When does it make the sound, at idle, revving in neutral, cruising along, acceleration....or when does it not?

It basically does it all the time: idle, revving, running, seems to go faster as you rev it.

Thanks guys for responding :thumbsup:

It sounds like a valve ticking to me. When you adjusted your valves, are you 100% certain you were at TDC on the compression stroke with the auto-decompressor disengaged? If you get to TDC and the flywheel spins backwards for even a little bit while trying to get it to stay at TDC, the auto decomp mechanism will lift one of the exhaust valves and you'll get a false reading when you check your clearances. Make sure the flywheel is only being turned in the one direction when setting it to TDC.

Where is the ticking coming from? I know of two things that generally cause a ticking or maybe better described as a rachet noise in one case and a clacking noise in the other.

1) The valves can cause this after a adjustment when you have let the motor turn backwards even a little bit. This engages the auto decompressor. You will get a false reading as has already been stated in other replies. Sometimes it is a very loud clacking. Also did you loosen the manual decompressor completely before adjusting the valves?

2) There is also a sound which I feel sounds something like the spinning rear wheel of an old ten speed bicycle. It's a steady rachet sound, like the kickstarter is being held down after the motor starts. I believe it has something to do with the kickstarter mechanism sticking while the engine is cold.

So where is your sound coming from? Up high where the valves are located or to the right side where the kick starter is located?

Old Man Time: It is up high and it has something to do with the valves. Could you explain more about the decompression and what Im supposed to do before checking the valves?

qadsan: My dad did the last valve check so I cant say for sure that he had it 100% TDC.

Is this something that can be fixed by re-adjusting the valves?

Is this something that can be fixed by re-adjusting the valves?

Yes, as long as you haven't flogged it for a ways, you should be fine if its related to the valves. Just make sure you rotate the flywheel in the one direction only. Spin the flywheel around a few times, then stop it on TDC on the compression stoke and then check the clearances. Just don't let the flywheel spin the other direction or else you'll need to turn the flywheel a few more revolutions in the correct direction to make sure the auto decompressor isn't engaged.

We'll try to re-adjust them again, if this doesnt work, I guess its off to the motorcycle doctor.

Thanks guys!!!

Hey guys thanks for all of the help :devil:

I re-adjusted the valves and had one(right exhaust) with a pretty good gap. I tightened it down and started it up and NO CLICKING!!!

Thanks again guys :thumbsup:

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