Smog pump kit, do I need it?

I saw a picture of the smog pump removal kit. It looks like some pretty simple parts. I think I can do this without the kit by blocking off the ports myself. Is there any adjustments that need to be done once the ends are all blocked off? Any suggestions? Thanks


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If you are considering a big gas tank you will have to remove the emissions device to get the tank on. You don't have to make any changes or adjustments if you install the block off kit. The kit has everything you need.

Good luck


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Spend the 20 bucks and get the kit from XR's Only or Applied. Both of them are machined from AL. billet (high quality). I have CNC I can use and wouldn't waste my time for a $20 part.

Yes, I broke down and baught the kit. But, I was right it would have been a piece of cake to make a flange and locate two 1 cent rubber caps. My question is, where do the crank case gasses vent now?


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The crankcase vents to atmosphere now. I used the smog hoses to make up a connection from the crankcase to the air box. Now, under high loads, I have vacuum assist for crankcase ventilation.

Are you talking about a smog block-off kit for the XR650R or XR650L? We all have XR650R's and that block-off kit is a billet aluminum plate that uses o-rings to seal two ports in the head, where the smog pump went. The crank case gases vent from the case under the carb to the air box (you can run a K&N breather instead). Hope that helps. If you have a XR650L check out this link for more info!


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