Adjusting Valves

My bike is now two weeks old, been riden about 200+ miles. The dealer said it should have the valves adjusted after the break-in period. This sounds a little extreme. Any comments?


My dealer wanted the bike in after 100 miles for a service that included valves, LOF, etc. I did it because he said Honda wouldn't warrantee the bike (what warrantee?) otherwise. It cost about $150.00. I plan to do all of the maintenance in the future. After all, it's a Honda! :)

I adjusted my valves after about 300 miles. One needed a little tweaking the other three were righ on. Its good to adjust you own that way you know its done correctly and can monitor valve wear first hand.



How would one monitor valve wear while timing the valves?


How would one monitor valve wear while timing the valves?

What do you mean "timing the valves"?

I would expect that if the valve clearance is changing, it is s sign of wear someplace in the valvetrain. Checking valve clearance is easy enough on the XR650L.

i miss spoke, i guess i meant to say is: adjusting the valve clearance...

your valves and seats are new, they break in, usually you dont even have to do any adjustment but the dealer gets a nice wad of bills from you

the seats and valves faces wear in, again normal, after say 1kmiles or so your are good to go with regular service and valve check intervals...

same goes for oil changes, after the first 2 or so you can go into normal service mode

its best to di it yourself, you save m oney plus you get to know the bike and how it works and how easy it is to do


Check the valves when new and record the clearances for the future , this way you can monitor any movement

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