Recovering From Being in a Rut

What do all of you do when caught in a rut? I don't have a surefire way of ridding myself of them without slowing to a near crawl, so they tend to be my biggest cycling fear, although I have not crashed in one yet. and when you go tipsy in a rut, it all happens so fast that you can't seem to correct it without slowing down, at least for me anyway.

Also, are there any good ways to ride perpindicular on a ~45 degree incline? My back wheel always tends to slide out, and that's what caused me to crash the last time on sharp rocks. The bike went sideways, then flipped over, bending my bars, manifold guard, and making my bike all scratchedy :thumbsup:



Good tires help...How about a steering stabilizer? When doom seems inevitable in a sharp rut, just give it gas!

If you are in a rut, you are in mud or soft soil.

I am not an expert but I have learnt a ton this year from trail riding with MXers.

Before the soft soil, do your braking. Get your rear end off the seat and make sure you have the bike in the powerband going through the soft soil. Run a gear higher (i.e 2nd not 3rd or whatever).

I was doing it all wrong but after using this technique I was able to hang with them in the ruts or the muck. And it is easier and less frightening than having the front end weighted and fighting the bike. In my opinion this is the most important time to be standing up.

Try it.

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