Broken Clutch Basket Bolts

I've had my XR650 for about two months now & have put on a WB R4 end pipe and the less restrictive manifold and I used my hero's jetting guide ((Clark Mason :) ) Though It seemed a bit rich riding in Jawbone Cyn, & I still need to install the XR's only backfire screen - 172 main, 68S pilot jet, The Honda Power up needle a B53E No. 3 from the top, Fuel screw at 2 turns out from seated.) Anyway to my point. After about 200 miles of riding I decided to let the Riverside CA mega-dealer do its first service & inspection. Lucky me! They called me a few day later to tell me that two of the four bolts that hold the clutch basket in place were broken & the clutch basket damaged. It will be covered under warranty & fixed no charge. (they said it was probably overtightened at the factory) It ran fine all day riding the trails of Lake Arrowhead & I didn't notice anything before I dropped it of later that day. My question is could that have damaged anything else? I've ridien it about 5 times & don't know how long it was broken. I'd be really ticked if something else breaks down the line due to this that wasn't discovered & they won't cover it under warranty. Anybody else have something like this happen?

If they fix up the clutch stuff you should be ok. I would change the oil and oil filter real frequently for the next 500 miles. If the screws broke off during disassembly of the clutch then there should be absloulty no propblem providing they install new parts.

If the screws broke off during operation so the screw heads were pushed out they would ride under pressure of the spring on the inside of your outer clutch cover and scrape off maganisum and it would go thourghout the engine. Magnesiun is very soft an most likly would do little damage if you change the oil and filter and get it all out. I would also pull off the screen in the bottom of the frame oil tank and clean it and have the dealer pull off the entire Rt. side case, then pull the oil screen in the bottom of the engine and clean it and its catch cavity out.

I have a feeling you would have noticed clutch slippage if the screw heads were broke off. But how did the Honda dealer find this problem why were they looking a the clutch for a normal early service unless they noticed something??? Or were they installing the newer style clutch bushing or stiffer clutch springs??

So how did the dealer come across this problem what lead them there??

As to the jetting make sure you pull out the two plugs from the air box. I have also drilled numerous holes in my left side cover to allow more air flow into the air box. If I will be riding in the wet or lots of stream crossings I just cover the holes with plastic mailing tape.

With the intake, R series, air box plugs removed, etc. I was runing the following

Pilot Jet (aka Slow Jet) 68S

Fuel screw 1.75 to 2.25 turns out

Honda Power up needle #3 (16012-MBN-641)

Main Jet 172/175

Good luck


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 05-06-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 05-06-2001).]

Did you have to adjust the clutch cable a lot during bread in? It seems like my clutch adjustment has had to come in (more slack in the cable) about every 30-40 miles. I'm wondering if I should pull my cover for a look see. Thanks for the tip.


Well I called the service dept. today and asked them how they found the problem.

They said they just started it up & heard the noise of what must of been the bolt heads rattle around the in the case... :) Now I didn't just fall off a turnip truck. (but Microwave theory did give me headaches :D) I road the bike all day Fri., then most of the day Mon. then dropped it off on the way home at the service shop. I NEVER heard or felt anything wrong! The clutch seemed fine, never slipped or slammed into drive unexpectedly. It never needed any freeplay adjustment or anything. It seemed perfect when I dropped it off.

The service person (how PC of me) assured me everything was being cleaned and inspected for further damage and if needed would be fixed & replace at no charge.

Something smells here IMHO. But at least everything is being taken care of. I really like the sales dept. at this store & this is my first encounter with service there, & I will continue to give them my business. (Though most of the service I plan on doing myself) I am just a little skeptical the part happened to break down after the last ride of the day.

It always happens ON the last ride of the day.

Ohh, by the way Clark, I had removed the airbox plugs & thanks for the tip on the tape. I thought about drilling holes in the panel but was worried about the water issue. Also, what air filter are you using? The stock filter?

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