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Clutch is fixed! Some things you may want to know....

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Thank you all for your help with all my posts about my clutch disengaement problem! Put in new springs and a new pressure plate today and clutch is like butter, shifts better than it ever did and 0 wheelspin in gear on the stand. Heres what was most interesting: when comparing new and old springs side by side the new springs were noticeably longer by about the width of one coil on the spring. I found this amazing as this is an 03 with only about 70 hrs on it. I also installed the new springs along with the washer mod for good measure. The pressure plate was also for good measure, the original had some pockets worn where the springs seat in it but not sure if that had any effect. Is it normal for springs to compress so much? Or has Yamaha changed the spec for replacement YZF clutch springs due to problems? Could these have been WR springs?

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