left side case cover 04 wr

are they magnesium or alum.? i know the clutch cover is mag.(cuz it says so!) but can't find any info about the left side. i want to know so i can cut the nub off (where my starter used to be) and have it welded up. if it is mag. can you weld the stuff? i know that it ignites at a certain temp. could be a problem! :thinking:thanx for the help

As far as I know, all the dark grayish parts are magnesium. This would be the LH side case. Hey, you've deleted your starter, want to sell it? I'd like to have a spare. :thumbsup::devil:

already sold it before i even got it all off! sorry. the gray is just paint i don't know if that designates magnesium or not? :thumbsup:

Bob, I meant "all the gray painted parts" I beleive are magnesium. :thumbsup: so I'm pretty sure the LH side is, but not 100% on it.

99% sure it's aluminum. a couple guys have welded up the hole for the starter with no report of problems. the side cover only costs about $100. pretty cheap if it's mag.

cool, i was hoping it was alum. i did the scratch test on the valve cover and the side cover,and the valve cover is harder. off to the welding shop! thanx :thumbsup:

just got back from the welder shop and it is aluminum,in fact the feller said fairly high quality at that(welded nicely). so the nub is gone! with a little grinding it'll look like it was never there. used a piece of the round cover to fill the hole,worked nicely. probly lost almost a lb. just cuttin the crap off. :thumbsup:

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