street legal wr450

Wondering what it will take to street legalizing the WR450?? I live in California & I am thinking of taging it in Nevada at my dad's & bringing it back over here to ride :thumbsup: Since it already has a batterry, lights, ect. I'm thinking it should be pretty simple?? Can anyone that has done it fill me in on what to do & expect from D.M.V.?? Thanx

03 and 04 WR450F are red sticker in Cally, Was unable to pass the tail pipe sound/emission test for green status. I know they dropped the compression on the 05's to 12.2:1 and it went green. But I also know if you import a Canadian version, 03-04, these get green!

So what if I tafed it in Nevada like I stated, & bring it back to Calli, What would it take?? Has anyone taged one in Nevada??? Thanx :thumbsup:

I have an 04 thats plated in NV its awsome I love it. I used the Baja designs kit and worked great very easy to install I had to send in the stator but they had it back to me in two days so no big deal. I also have a house in NV so I was able to get a Seasonal Resident license. The DMV in Carson City was not a big deal they inspected it signed off I took it in and got it plated took about 2 hours. The thing is a bit scary on the street though hard to keep the front end down :thumbsup:

Hey MBeck76!! Sounds like it all went great! I am only going to buy one if I can get it taged. So I am very concerned about getting it taged!! My dad lives in Parump Nevada, Do you think it will be as easy there??? Let me know if you can lead me in a good direction. Are the 05's out yet?? Thanx

Not sure on the 05's but you are golden if your Dad lives in Parump. Do what I did and get yourself the Seasonal ID also that way you are legal in both states. The insurance company likes that also. When you go to DMV after you get you bike inspected fill out the drivers license sheet but check the Seasonal Resident box. You already have a valid address their so you are good to go. The one stickler might be they may ask for a utility bill or something proving your residency. I would think you can fix that by having your Dad add you to one of his bills. I know some people just go and get the bike registered and DMV never asked but if you get pulled over its a huge fine by doing the way I did it nobody can say a word you are legal. Good luck!! you shouldn't have an issue though its pretty easy to get converted in NV.

just bought new 04 wr450 3 hrs ago what about arizona plates will that work

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