A real life XR400 Motocrosser

Yes, an XR400 can be raced in motocross with success. I'm living proof. Check it out www.xenracing.com



Please don't be offended:I did the same as you. Bought 98 XR400, spent way too time, too much $ to make it track worthy w/motor mods, ignition mods, CR forks etc............................ Then a buddy offered a ride on a 99 YZ400. Now after 3 of these,current 01/426 never again will I do that again. Good luck to you, I remember my faith in that machine. Trade up to CRF or any current 4stroke MX, you will kick yourself as I did.

Actually didn't spend any money for the upgrades on the bike, As of right now I am the only XR in So Cal racing MX on a regular basis. It has given me some great exposure and even better sponsors. The bike is so universal that I race MX, GP and desert with mimimal configuration changes, How many YZF's have to change gas tanks or other parts to be able to compete across the racing spectrum. I like being the underdog to the YZFs, because when I beat them they are quite surprised that a heavy and cumbersome bike has beat them. I am planning to upgrade to the CRF for MX and race the XR in the dezert next year.



I agree. The good old XR4 is still a great bike in the right hands. It is very underrated. My brother has one and after owning WRs for 2 years I can say that it is a suprisingly good bike. Although it lacks in quite a few areas to the Yam. many slower guys out there could go a lot faster on the mellow XR.

95% rider.

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