radiator shrouds

where can I pick up radiator shrouds? I have done a search and looked on service honda. No luck! Can someone clue me in on a part number. Anyone have them in black?


i did a quick search of servicehonda.com and for sure they have the shrouds--cost is $29 and change....

part number is 19071-MBN-830ZA and you can find that under the 'gas tank' heading....

The OEM plastic is much better than the Acerbis or UFO IMHO...

Do an e-bay search. There are a couple sets on there as we speak.

Here are the part numbers, for the 2001 (stock graphics are on them), from Service Honda's website:

Left: 19072-MBN-700ZA ($34.65)

Right: 19071-MBN-700ZA ($34.65)

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