'01 YZ426F Stock Cam Timing

I just acquired an '01 YZ426F that wasn't running when I got it. I am about ready to put it back together but am finding some odd info on the cam timing that didn't match up my bike. My cams appear to be stock but the marks that a 2000 model Clymer manual or the '01 factory manual describes are not on my bike. When I took the bike apart, I made for sure that it was on TDC and not 180 off but the marks never lined up right. There are 3 dots on each of the cams so I assume 2 are supposed to align flush with the clyinder head surface and the other pointing striaght up? On disassembly the exhaust cam was lined up like that but the intake was a couple teeth clockwise off. I don't understand now what I should go by for reference since both manuals don't match what is on the bike, and the cams seemed to not be lined up before! I am told the bike had never ben taken apart or anything which is likely true, so I really don't understand this. Also, both cam lobes are opposite each other and pointed slightly upwards like I would assume they should be. Wish I had a camera I would take pics. Any help greatly appreciated!

If the lobes are looking like they are in the proper position, that's the important part. Don't blindly trust the marks on the gears. Line up the lobes, put it together and fire her up!

Dont mess with the timing marks on the gears. Open the timing mark cover up and line things up to the crank.

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