Gasket kit...

Hi all,

Does anyone have the Honda OEM part number for a complete gasket kit for the XR650L (1993-)?

I'm talking about a kit that contains all gaskets, both for cylinder and for crankcase.


if you go to you can easily find that information...

If you want to save some $$$, check out a K&S gasket kit. Comes with everything you need to split the engine into pieces and put it back together.

I went to and couldn't find that information... :thumbsup:

Am I doing something wrong?

All they have is prices for part numbers you should already know.

K&S do have what I'm looking for, but I prefer the OEM gaskets, not to mention that I have no idea where to order these parts from since there's no local K&S dealer here...


How to Inquire

Please e mail us at with you exact year and model (i.e. TRX250R, or CR250R) and a detailed description of what you are looking for. If you have several part descriptions or part numbers, list the them in a column with one part per line.

We respond to your e mail requests Monday through Friday. Responses will usually take 24 hours.

Parts Contact: 800.828.5498

--ask for a A gasket kit for your XL650!

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