Shifting problem 02 YZ426.

a few weeks ago i cased a tree on the shifter side of my bike. Since then I have had trouble with the shifter getting stuck between gears when shifting up or down a gear.

I keep the oil changed often. However, the last oil change, I switched over to Motul 5100 10/40 synthetic.

Ive got about 400 miles life to date on the bike.

Should I be concerned. Just wondering if I will have to split the case. :thumbsup:

You may have bent the shift shaft, this can be checked/replaced w/ the motor still in the bike, but you will have to take the clutch out.

It is also possible that you bent a shift fork, but it is more likely the shaft or something else in the external (outside the tranny) shifting mechanism.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the direction Hick. Its worth taking a look at.

How about that Motul anyone using it? Likes, Dis-likes?

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