Taillight Solutions????

Can someone enlighten me as to a taillight to replace the monstrocity that is on my '96 650L???

Replace it with a rear fender off of the same year XR600. Get the XR600 Fender & Taillight then call Baja Designs and get the Brakelight bulb holder for an XR600. Your bike will then look like a XR600 from the back but also have a brakelight. Be warned, this is NOT a d.o.t. approved lens but, I got away with it.

Check out this link his bike is done this way: http://member.aol.com/xr650rr/

Check out acerbis.com While searching for a tail/stop light for my 2001 XR650 I found a nice little unit that looks to fit an XR600. Now if I can find one to fit my bike, the 650 rear fender is flat like you'd see on a CR. The dual sport kit from Baja will work, but it looks bigger than what I want.

Is anyone else having problems with brake light bulbs? Seems that everytime I make a freeway run with my Baja Designs XR400 the brake light goes. I'm feeling it's caused by the heavy vibration combination of a high rev motor and my knobbies (my fingers and seat are tingling afterward) rather than a rectifier problem. The light works around town but after the freeway run (without the brake being used) the brake light fillament is broke. I'd appreciate any ideas or helpful comments.



if you are getting that bad of vibration, check the rims. May have one out of balance.

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