Hot start button on 650r, Does it help?

I'm going to be putting a Terry Cable hot start button on my 00 XR650r to try and help with starting after a fall. I had one on my XR280 and it helped it so I'm hoping it will help this bike.

Has anybody else tried this and if so does it help?

I installed the hot start setup on my XR650R and it works great when the bike is warm. I got the kit from XR's only its the Ty Davis (aka Terry Cable) kit. I installed the switch on the handle bar and its easily accessable with my left thumb. Works excellent. If you get one and have any questions on installation I will try to answer them. The only tricky part is installing the nipple into the intake tract on the head. My head was off while I installed the Full HRC race kit and I did it then.



The Terry Cable Hot Start kit is the best money I've spent on the XR650r.

The kit realy works no question about it and I would have paid alot more for it because it works so well.

I rode my bike around till it was nice and hot, then put it on it's side till it died then flodded it real good before picking it up. What used to take 30 kicks now only takes 5 or 6.

Terry Cable Hot Start Kit, money well spent.

I've been riding XR's forever, and never had trouble re-starting them after a fall. Try this and see if it works for you before you spend any money. when I first pick up the bike and catch my breath, I turn the choke full on, pull in the compression lever, hold down the kill switch, keep the throttle twisted wide open, kick the motor over 4-5 times. Now let go of everything, turn the choke off, and without giving any gas find the compression stroke (with the kick starter) and give it a healthy kick. 9 out of ten times they start right up. Works for me :-)

That last one sounds great except, the part about turning the choke on! That defeats the whole purpose of holding the throttle open. The idea is to displace all the unburned fuel with fresh air. Holding in the compression release lets you pump the fuel out the exaust vales, holding the throttle open lets the cool air in. Remember these carbs only pull fuel in while running (vacuum). Other than that do as Toe-Nee says and you should be on your way.

Good Luck,

I have found a trick that works great for starting a warm, flooded 650R. Turn the idle up about 1-2 turns. The knob on it works great for it. Sure it isn't as easy as the hot-start button, but its alot cheaper.

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