I know the BRP requires a continuous chain. I live in Panama and selection of parts is a luxury, usually you take what you can get. I bought a DID standard 520 non O ring chain with a master link hoping it will work in a crunch and carrying it as a spare,$25 from a small bike shop. Now that I`ve got it I`m second guessing myself. Is this thing going to snap on me the first time. The question is input aka tales of glory or woe on this type of chain. I looked at the DID website and this seems to be their bottom tier product. Maybe I should can this one and go looking for a good racing chain.

00 650R FMF full titanium system, K&N

I used a ERT Gold chain on the Oinker for a short time to see if I could feel the extra pull of a non O-ring chain. I used and stacked master link to make it an endless chain. It wore real fast! Not nearly as good a pick as the ERV2 and I will not do it again. The ERT chain is much stronger then the chain you got!

It will work fine as a backup, but it will stretch & wear out faster than the DID X-ring type chains (i.e. VM & ERV2). You can either run the staked link (stock Honda setup) or use a master link, which is still very strong. A down side to the master link is the potential for the clip to come off, but if that's not a concern, then you should be fine with a master link. There's plenty of people here on TT and other groups using a master link with their X-ring chains on their XR650R's.

i've used the ERV2 with the masterlink for a couple seasons. No issues with chain falling off...

I too use the DID X ring type chains. They do not stretch and last forever. I use a master link and have never had a clip fall off yet. My honda dealer lets me use his stake tool when I want a continuous link type chain so I have the option to go either way. I use his stake tool whenever I wanna add links. I do not like the idea of two master links in one chain.

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