which 450 head pipe to use?

Last weekend I had a little runin with a CRF and managed to smash the head pipe on my 03 YZ 450. I was thinking about a powerbomb but havn't checked the price of a stock one yet. The engine is completely stock except for a GYT-R flywheel. This thing is plenty fast stock as I have managed first and second in the 30+ junior class all year against CRF's all pumped up so more power isn't as important as price at the moment. Any ideas? Thankx

i'd go with the fmf power bomb, bolts up to stock exhaust and gives good power gains, also the s/s one is cheaper than a replacement yami titanium header

dubach racing has a stainless one for 99 bucks-it gets in the way of the oil filter cover though-put one on my 04-not really a power diff-but who needs more?i can holeshot 250B 25+B & 30+B all day long!!!!

I smashed mine about a month ago and priced a factory one at $225. I used my friends off of a 98 for awhile until I seen a good deal on a SX powerbomb s/s. It made a big difference on the low end - mid range. Had to do some jetting changes also. If interested found the cheapiest one on dmta.com for $147.

The Powerbomb is a good header, and works pretty weel with a variety of mid-pipe/muffler combos. You didn't say what you were running.

Compared to a stock system, you get a slight gain on top with an overall flatter power curve by using the full FMF system. How much of this is related to the header alone, I don't know.

Well, I went with the s/s powerbomb. It appears to perform almost like a copy of the factory head pipe with a little more bottom end yet still revs out on top pretty good. I'm happy with it so far, we'll see how it does at the races this weekend. (it's the mx version)

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