Let's face it. Thumpertalk is the best (or one of the best) discussion formats on the net. Let's promote this site for 650R owners . Go to all the XR webrings and get them to refer THUMPERTALK. Yahoo sucks.

No need to face it, its all true, I love thumper talk. It rules!!!! Only thing wrong with it is that they need to get an XR250R section out here, it is a pretty popular bike but there aren't any message boards that I can find for it.

I wish TT had more posts as well. I don't know what your issue is with yahoo but for now that list is the best source of info on the BRP. Keep in mind, if TT had the same volume that XR650R does it would get lots of bla bla bla too.

I think that it would be great of a message board for the Xrs. But it is kind of hard when you make a post and no one replies. Kind of kills the whole idea.

How many people are on this XR message board?

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