2000-2001 XR650 Setup

Greetings from Colorado, I'm interested in knowing everybody's Carb, Motor, muffler, and suspension setups on there 2000-2001 XR650's. My bike is only a week old, after the first break-in ride I changes the intake manifold, pulled the out the snorkle from the airbox (for more air), dropped the needle to the second notch from the top, and preformed the baffle mod. After I warmed it up I re-adjusted the carb and went for a ride. Big change! From the dealer this bike ran rich, so it had no power at low RPM. Now it pulls much sooner off the bottom with a pretty strong pull through midrange and up. Next I'll play with the jetting. A friend from Montana is running a 70 slow jet, and 170 main jet with the Calf needle. i haven't touched the suspension yet. I'll adjust the rear sag to 100mm before my next ride now that it has a few miles on it. So far I am pleased with it performance. I'd love to know what worked best for you. Thanks for reading my post.


I have a White Brothers E-series pipe with the open turn down end cap (no disks), I'm running a 175 main jet, 68s pilot jet and the HRC needle in the 4th position, HRC intake manifold, and air box restrictors removed with a White Power filter (White Bro's) with a home made backfire screen made out of perforated stainless.

I think I'm at about sea level in Southern IL.

It runs great!


I have an XR250R are the carbs the same layout??? cause' my bike on low rpms you cant goose it, it studders. the only way I found it to stop that is to pull the baffle and that is louder than a 757! when i did ride it with the baffle pulled i outran in a straight run a 400EX Honda.

I have a 2001 XR250, but haven't had a chance to ride it much because the 650 is so much fun to ride. The first thing I did notice is my 250 is jetted way to rich from the dealer. I dropped the needle all the way down, adjusted the pilot and went for a ride. This helped but still had no power off the line. Then I pulled out the vent from the airbox. This helped a lot, enought to keep riding for the day. I need to lean this bike out and when I get the jetting correct I'll let you know what worked. I'm in Colorado so I average around 5000 ft above sea level. Thanks for the replys guys :-)

Stroker pipe and header, XR's Only; Rev box, backfire screen, smog block-off, all Honda hop-up parts (manifold, unrestricted air box, ect, relocated crankcase breather, Uni filter, Sidepanel vents, 3000' Desert @ 158 Main, 65S pilot, HRC needle in 3rd posision.

I'm running HRC intake, exhaust, both plugs out of the air box, 68S pilot, HRC needle on 3rd clip, 175 main, XR's only backfire screen, Applied smog block off kit, UNI air filter.


BRP triple clamp, Scotts stab, Pro tapers (Doug Henry bend), White bros. revalved and resprung fork and shock. BJD kit for dual sport rides.

Have fun on the Beast,


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