Can I handle it...(need some help, I searched too)

Ok this is going to be a slightly long post so bear with me here.

Alright so I have grown up riding dirtbikes since I was about 5 or 6. Went from pw50, pw80, RT100, RT180,TT-R 225 to finally were I am at now, a Raptor. I did not really know about dirtbikes that much, and I wanted to try out somethin different, a quad(just so you can say, been there done that) lol.

I dumped over 5 grand into my Raptor and it truely is not that good and I still want more,...I put money into exhaust, suspension, tires, wheels,engine, axle...I tried everything, but I think it now comes down to me getting rid of it so I can finally experience some real power, suspension, and handling.

Can I handle a YZ450? :thumbsup: Im 15, wiegh 230lbs, and I am 6'5. I know I want a 4 stroke (Yamaha, prefered as I get a deal) but should I get the biggin'(450), or start on a 250? The only thing I think I would have to do is get used to the POWER of the 450, but I meen Im a big dude and I need somethin thats going to fit me, so I think I would be happier on the 450. But tell me what you all think,..

O ya, I ride mostly my friends track or my track and only recently made it out to a real track where I saw that I wanted a dirtbike again.

Any help would be GREATLY apprieciated, and thanks in advance also. :devil:

P.S. I know I just joined, but Ive been lurkin around here for a while. Just thought I would let ya know Im a newbie, but yet not a newbie.

Definitely get a 450. 250 handles much better but it will be too weak for you. If you want to reduce the hit of 450, go for a flywheel weight. Take your time to learn knowing the bike and always wear decent protective gearing. Mass = strength and that you have plenty to walk the big horse! :thumbsup:

Thanks SureBlue, Anyone else??

15 years old and 6'5" 230????? you need to forget about dirtbikes and focus on football!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::devil:

If you set up the suspension correctly on a 250F you will be fine. I hate to recommend a 450F to any 15 year old regardless of size.

It is hard to say what would be best for you we don't know your riding abilities. As a father if my boy was your size and was able to keep up somewhat with the big boys on a smaller bike I'd say sure go for it and not do all the mod until he got familier with the bike. Then on the other hand you haven't really had a bike with a great deal of power yet and would reccomend the 250 and set the suspension just as MXof21 said. My friend that is a AA rider 210lbs rides a CRF250 to play around on in the trails and does great with it, so it should have enough power for you. Good luck. :thumbsup:

I'm your size with less experience and love my yz450.

I am quite a bit older though, but I doubt that matters.

Much. :devil::thumbsup:

Dude. Your gettin a 450. IMHO the 250f would be way too weak for you. I did'nt even ride a dirtbike until I was 24, that was two years ago, only street bikes. My first dirtbike was a '01 yz426. All my dirt buddies thought I was crazy. They were ridding kdx's, 125's and ragged out 250's and thought it would be too much. Both me and the bike took a beating during my mx learning curve, but starting out I think having more power than I needed made it way easier to ride mx than if I wouldn't have had enough. You've been ridding modified Raptors so you know what it's like to be able to wheelie in any gear. The good thing about the 450f is you've got total control of the power in your right hand. Not like the two strokes of yesteryear with the big hit powerbands that would come in and loop-out on ya. Unless of course you get arm pump and whiskey throttle your way thru the stadium whoops :devil:. But that could happen on a 50, so I say go for it.

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

I'm 6' 1" and 220 and ride a 400 (can't afford a new bike yet) and love the power but have the muscle to keep her under control. My 400 is the first bike I have ever owned and while at first it was little much I learned to ride it and wouldn't go down in power for anything now.

My brother, 6' 3" and 215 rides a 250F because he wanted to start with something a little less powerful and it works great for him. I think with your prior experience you will be glad in time you got the 450. I wish I had one! :thumbsup:

Hmmmm for someone your size if you are looking for power, I would consider a bigger bike like the KTM 525 motocross bike, the extra 75cc's would make up for your extra weight as most dirt bikes are made for a guy of 5' 10" and 165lbs. -Matt

You need to consider at 15 you are still growing... scary thought. You'll outgrow the 250F in a year. I would imagine you could handle the 450 just fine. It doesn't hit like the 2 strokes. The power is definitely more manageable. Go with the 450F :thumbsup:

You'll be fine a 450. I got an 04' and I have only about 1 month's experience riding. It's been a little difficult, but I'm learning. Just remember to practice as much as you can and you'll be able to handle it. :thumbsup:

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