Why isn't there a XR250R section on this site??? It's a great bike and it is hard to find any good message boards for this bike. Has anyone found one??? because thats the bike I have

I agree! How about XR400's too. Better yet, an XR site would be best as they share a lot. See my comments re: 250's burning oil?

This is KevNC using Mike's Login....

I agree, I would like to see a forum for XR250. Maybe just lump in the 400s and 250s with the 650. I think this (light traffic) forum would see more action if they were added. Wouldn't be all that hard to do either - just change the description.


Dont forget about an old xr200! haha

This is a THUMPERTALK is it not!

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Sounds like a case of "displacement discrimination". I'll have to speak to my lawyer :)

Hey Kevin, how hard was it to remove the silencer???


It was actually fairly difficult.... The screw head stripped out, so we drilled the head off. After removing the screw, I think some shavings or something got wedged, so we had to really pound on it to get it out. I also had to remove the cap of the arrestor to get at the other side of it. Afte the baffle was removed I just twisted the end of the spark arrestor material together so that it might pass the "stick test" if we ever ride on public land.

Good god, sounds like you had a hell of a time, do you know if I am allowed to race with the whole thing removed, like I have it now???

I agree. I currently have a 250, 100, 70, and two 50s. My entire family rides and I am always looking for good info. I'm sure the 650 is a fantastic bike but I love my 250 and wouldn't trade for anything.

I went ahead and got one, RKW. When it is cold it takes a little while to start it but warm it is a 1st kicker. On yours, have you had any trouble getting it started when it was warm at one point. Sometimes mine will refuse to start and I have to give it a little gas for it to kick over.

For referrence, I have several modifications on mine.

No air box snorkle

K&N filer

FMF Powercore pipe

140 Main

48 Slow

Try this trick for cold starting.

Depending out outside tempurature I use full or half choke. Here in Southern California I usually go with half choke. Then I turn the idle up 1 to 1-1/2 turns. Hold the kill button down (You could use compression release) and slowly kick it thru a couple of times with the throttle open so I know there is fuel in the bowl, carb and even cylinder. Then I go to TDC and kick it over. As I said in previous post that is usually a 2-3 kick deal. As the bike warms I turn the idle down to normal.

When the bike is warm I index the starter to TDC and always crack the throttle 1/8 to 1/4 turn as I kick it over and it almost always fires on the first kick.

I'm getting pretty good at this because I do it a lot. My son is only 5 and he spends more time under his 50 then on it.

Good luck

Hey HondaXR250,I was just cruisin' thru from the WR posts and saw you over here. (ya know I'm still a diehard XR boy at heart) Maybe this will help some of you XR250/350 owners from mid '80s up. there's a magnetic pickup inside the motor (clutch side) adjust the gap on it to the absolute smallest it will go. File the holes if you have to. this allows a much stronger spark and makes starting a LOT easier! this info came out as a Honda service bulletin in the late 80's This was a nagging problem on '84 -'88 250's/350's and quads with the same setup. just make sure that the two pieces don't touch!!! Try it you never know. Hey Danny, ya know I STILL have an '86 XR250 in my garage.(shhhhh! don't tell the yamaha boys)


lol, wont tell them a thing! Anyway we ended finding our problem, it was my Dad being a minor penny saver and we put 87 octane in it. YUCK!!! <-my bike agrees! We found some 100 octane that my friend told us about and now it starts first kick and stays running. Also has WAY more power, not to mention the manual says use premium only. BTW, how does that old XR run???

AHAAAAA! I thought you'd never ask! Actually I'm rebuilding the whole bike top to bottom. Haven't had time to finish it yet 'cause I just can't stay off the WRF!! I've also got to rebuild an XR80, XR100, two CT70's and a Z50. Along with a SECA 900 and a V max that are both mint my three car garage is..well.. real small right now!! not to mention my wife wants to kill me for collecting all these bikes.they just don't get it..


That's cool man, we have a 1974 Honda Elsinore MT125. We are trying to rebuild it and we think we have finally hit the lucky #4 carb. That's right, 4 carbs we have gone through looking for the right one. Anyway, my Mom wants to get rid of it, she looks at it as a POS. I just look at it as potentially a great bike.

Danny, just thought you'd like this one...i'm trying to make my garage into half motorcycle/car maintenance and half woodshop. I wanted to buy a dust collector for the shop tools and what does the wife say??? "Our basement and THAT garage are FILLED with dust collectors!!" (wise guy)


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LOL, at least you are using the garage for what it is meant to be used for. Pretty rare these days. I was turned down on the thought of Thumpertalk making a XR250R section. They said I was the first to request so it pretty much meant, not enough people requesting to think about it. Have you happened to have seen a message board with decent traffic that has a XR250R section???

Are you kidding??? I'm so bad on this computer I'm lucky I found Thumpertalk!!

between this and eBay my computer time used up! Randy

Why not make this an all size XR forum? I'm sure that would bring in many more posts. More posts equal more information. Sounds like everyone would benefit. So what do you think? :)


1997 Xr250r JE 77mm piston kit FMF powermax pipe snorkel removed

Baja skid plate

That would be a pretty good idea. All the XR's are pretty similar. I think this XR section has done that though...lol

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