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XLR 200 OR XR200L

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Hi All,

I live in the UK nd have just recently joined this board.

I am new to the thumpers as I usually ride a gsxr 600 inline fours but have recently bought a 93 Honda XLR 200 for the daily commute to work and a bit of light green laning.

My problem is I would like to look for a few performance parts for this bike but I'm unsure what bits will fit.

I tried looking for information on the web on the xlr 200 and nothing seems to appear but I have read on here that the bike I have is actully a XR200L.

There is loads of information and parts available on the XR 200, would these apply to my bike.

Currently I am on the look out for a rear shock as mine is very spongy. Does any body know what shocks from other bikes would fit so I can contact breakers. Is it possible to be a motorcross shock to fit. I like to keep the Budget on this bike as low as possible.

Guys and Girls any information about this bike would be appreciated as I like to get up to speed as quick as possible.

You can mail me information or any info about this bike to

me at sean_martin@hotmail.com

Place XRL 200 in the subject so my spam filter does not delete it.

Again thanks all.

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The XRL200 was never sold in the United States. Not in 1993 anyhow.

The XR200 got a shorter suspension in 1991, so it might be harder to find a shock that works with the forks.

XR200's are great little bikes. I'd just leave is close to stock and enjoy. Save up for the larger and better supended XR250.

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