air restrictor/throttle stop 2003 WR450F

I'm looking at this w shaped restrictor for the air box located on top of the rear sub frame. There is a silver tab that appears to be pop riveted in keeping me from removing the tray restricter. How do you remove it? Next where is the throttle stop located? thank you gentleman.

I drilled the rivets with a 3/16 drill and replaced with 4mm nuts and bolts. The throttle stop screw is on the right side of bike(sitting on bike) towards the back side of carb. It would be easier to see if you removed the regulator. If you cut it I'd also remove the cover on the carb and observe the distance that the throttle cam moves at full throttle and cut the screw so thet it is a little longer to keep throttle from totally bottoming out inside the carb. If need more info look this up on thumperfaq.

I did it by removing the battery, place two screw drivers either side of the pop-rivents between the snorkle (air restrictor) and plastic box battery holder. With a pair of pliers pulling up the snorkel, lever the two screrw drivers towards the battery box until the snorlel comes free. I did it with out damaging any of the plastic and it is only a few minutes job. Just my view....

i don't mean to be a jerk but you might want to try the search feature of this forum. try "free mods" or "throttle stop".

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