Need Colorado guys help

My friend wants me to teach him how to ride a bike, as in he has never ridden one. And for some stupid reason he asks me, but either way Ill teach him, anyone know anywhere open that I could take him to? Ive thought about going to berthoud but there are always people there and it would be to busy for him. So anyone know any open space in or close to the moutains?




Take him to IMI Motorsports at Erie. They have a practice/beginner track on the east side. There is no way he can get into trouble there, its great for beginners. I-25 to exit 232, due east on the gravel for 2 miles and you run right into it. Its where I race Flat Track.

Roostn in Golden

Thanks roostn, i never even thought of imi, hey we need to get together and go ride some time, if you dont mind my slow butt rideing with you.



You can try Berthod's "trail" system behind the main track. Should be less crowded than the track and it is relatively flat terrain. Perfect for a beginner.

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