XR650R after market gas tanks

I just bought a 2000 XR650 and had a laugh when I noticed the section of the gas tank on the left side that is lower than the petcock! It probably holds about 1/2 gallon but you can't get it without riding over some whoops and hoping it splashes over the center hump (not what I like to do if I'm trying to make it back to camp on fumes) or stopping and leaning the bike waaay over on the right. I think it is even lower than the float bowl! Anyway, has anyone bought a bigger tank from IMS or Acerbis and ,if so, is all the fuel carried higher? The pics online are not very clear and I'd like to see another XR with an aftermarket tank mounted. I'm talking 3.5 to 4 gallons not that huge thing Acerbis sells.

I had both the Clarke 4.3 and IMS 4.6 gallon. You'll have to tip the bike over to get all the gas on the left side. I can run 200 miles with the 4.6. I sold the Clarke and I'll probably sell the IMS soon. I'm going to run the stocker with that white baffle removed from the neck. If I buy another tank, it will be the 3.4 IMS. FYI, if you go with IMS, check the brass inserts for the radiator shrouds. If they're round they will come loose and you can't get the screws out of the tank. The newer tanks have square inserts.

Best of luck,


00 650R

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I'm running the IMS 3.4 gallon tank and it fits the bill for me. It is much narrower than the Clarke 4.3 thats on my friends bike and I can easily get 80miles out of it.


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