any xr600r owners out there ?

do any of you guys on this site still ride

a 600? or is everybody going to the newer

thumpers? i ride a 1996 xr600r, and i am

very happy with it.

How does that beast handle its weight in trails?

when you go from a 2-track to a single

track trail you would swear it gains

about 100 lbs. really its not that bad,

having a lot of upper body strength helps.

91 xr 600 still going strong. Tight trial are not a huge problem but definatly not its strong point. Lower the fork use a scotts fork brace and go.


Chicks dig scars, pain heals, glory lives forever!

yup, bought a 600 this last year. Got a dual sport kit also on there. Works out nice!

Once I set the suspension up for me -- sag, preload, compression, rebound, it was a different bike! I can ride it faster than my cr250 in the woods. Much better powerband and plusher power.

I enjoy it alot. Although in about 2-3 years, I think that I will have to get a used CR450 for sure!

I just installed a perch like the xr650. Great addition! Less clutch pull cause it uses the CR levers and has the built in decompression. Works great! Highly recommend it.

Ruts do suck with this bike, but it is all mental. Pick a line and ride!

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