Anyone using RG3 Triple Clamps?

I am considering upgrading my stock triple clamps to the RG3's. Is anyone running these that could give me some feedback?

Thanking you in advance,

I had another brand and switched both my bikes to RG3. I really like them.

I run them too, they are nice. :thumbsup:

Not only do they look great - but they are 4 posted rubber mounted - they take a lot of vibration out of the steering and they make jump landing much smoother - I have both top and bottom.

Highly recommend these for sure! :thumbsup:

I put them on so I could run ProTapers. They are really strong and the 4 post design is vastly superior to 2 post if your bike ever hits the ground. But I don't think they reduce vibration that much and have little to no effect on arm pump or wrist comfort. They have to be better than rigid, but it's nothing I notice when I ride. They are very nice and very expensive. I plan to use ProTaper triple clamps on my next bike - save some $ and probably get about the same effect.

The only issue is running a top mounted steering stabilizer. Not enough clearance for all the hardware.

Run the Scott's low mount for a stabilizer anyway, it isnt safe on top of the bars regardless of who's clamps you run. :thumbsup:

I run these clamps and the are great. I highly recommend them


When I purchased by 450 a couple of years ago it was in dire need of suspension tuning for my weight and riding style. After failing to master the project on my own, after about 6 months, I took the suspension to RG3.

When I pulled apart the tripple clamps I found the stock lower bearing already rusted.

I then decided to buy both the uppers and lowers of the RG3 clamp while they were properly setting up the suspension.

Although I should have known the result because it was my 3rd bike that RG3 set-up for me, I was amazed at how well the bike performed.

I can't tell what part made the difference, but, I have not touched anything on the suspension in over 1-1/2 years. Not even a clicker. The suspension on the bike is incredible in the desert both at low speeds and at warp. When I venture over to the tracks, it still absorbs my 7 out of 10 horrible landings on the doubles.

Can't tell you if it was the tuning, the clamps, or a combination. The whole package just works great for me. I don't even remember how much money I spent, so it must have been worth it. :thumbsup:

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