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450 swap prep - carburetor settings

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I have read that the carb will need to go leaner than it is now. I had been running:

160 main

jd blue #4

fs 2 1/2

everything else was stock, pilot jet, coast enricher etc.

It seemed to run really well with these settings and the stock E cams. It may have been a tad rich but it still had a lot of snap to it and seemed to run clean enough for most of the elevations I ride. It would still run OK at much higher elevations.

Put the hot cam intake and exhaust and it turned into a dog, way rich. Didn't have carb parts with me so I move the clip up one notch, it ran better. Went up one more knotch and turned the fuel screw in 3/4 turn and it ran well enough to ride, but was still rich. Didn't matter, that ride ended prematurely anyway.

I have also discovered the problem with the coast enricher, if I used compression down a hill and then had to gas it at the bottom it would bog before it would clear. Is it the CE that is causing this? If so it is going.

What would be a good starting point without the CE? Should I get an adjustable PAS? Have also read that there might be an advantage to opening up the airbox more. I was curious about adding some 1" pre-filtered holes.

Maybe I should go down to the plumbing store and pick up some 4" pvc to make a snorkle out of, that way I won't get water in my carb :thumbsup:.

How should I set this up guys (or at least burned :devil:)?

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the main jet will be to rich.the coast enrichener can cuase what you describe.i owuld dithc it now and go with a pas to eliminate that issue.

i would leave the air box hole as is for testing consistency sake.

155 main jet

blue clip 3 or red clip 3

38 pilot jet

5/8 turn pas

2 turns fuel screw

you may find you can go even leaner on the main jet,but 155 is good starting point.as i remember crisis was all the way down to a 148 at sea level.

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I will order an assortment of main jets tomorrow to cover what I don't have. I will just plan to go down to the stock main jet size. That way I will have it regardless. I believe the stock pilot jet is 38 isn't it? Should I pick up any other sizes in case?

Does TT carry these things or should I go to keintech?

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