Fork Seals on WR426??

I am looking for recommendations on what fork seals to install, the stockers shot craps this weekend and I want to replace them with good seals. I also would like opinions on seal savers and alternatives. Any help will be appreciated, Thank you.


Josh, get the OE seals. I've tried the aftermerket ones and they always failed shortly afterwards. Installed OE and they worked for well over a year! First, make sure you didnt ingest a little dirt, there is 2 seals, one is for debris/dirt, the inner is the fork seal. Try using a thin feeler blade to clear the debris or negative film strip works good too. When you do it, follow the manual, I've gotten around having to use a fork seal driver, but the part where it tells you to compress the forks before tightening up the pinch bolts is critical to keep the tubes parallel or you'll end up with another leak in short order. You can make a seal driver with platic pipe split down the center. Add all new oil in both while your in there too. Ket the correct stuff, ie Kayaba forks, the Ohlins stuff in too thin. Good luck,

Are you saying that it is possible that I could just clean them up and they would be ok? The right fork started leaking a little and then it got worse until every time the fork was compressed even a little it would slobber oil down the tube. I could not get replacement seals where I was riding so I just went on with one fork and tried to take it easy on them. I think that the left fork seal is shot because it had been compensating for the right one. Anyway, the left fork is still leaking some oil but the right one is dry I think. At least it does not have enough in it to leak noticeably any more. Also, are you running any type of seal saver? I saw a YZ450F this weekend that had a "Fork Wrap" on it. At least that is what the guy told me they were called. The velcro on so you can take them off and wash them and underneath them also. What do you think? Thanks,


Yes, its usually a bit of debris that gets under the seal. Its a good idea to get it out anyway, or you may end up with a score in the tube anyway. I do have a brand new pair of "Sealsavers" and just never installed them. I've got a brand new 0 miles 04 WR450F I've been adding goodies to and may just do it before its first ride depending on spare time between now and then.

jbrooks, if so called seal savers are the neoprene black thingy, buy them!!

no crap on the seals ever

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