Chaparral Mail Order--Horrible Customer Service BE AWARE

Chaparral may have good prices but their customer service is worse than any other business I've dealt with in years.

I ordered over 800.00 worth of gear/parts and they felt the need for me to fax a copy of my credit card to them. I have ordered from them before with no problems. That's why I chose them when placing this rather costly order. They were very rude and unwilling to help me. I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. If you choose to do business with them, BE CAREFUL. I don't think they will be very helpful if you ever have a problem with them. They must not need our business.... :)


2001 wr250f Scotts Damper, pro tapers, throttle stop removed, baffle removed, yz timing, dunlop 756's, stock jetting, bars cut 1 1/2 inch each side, bark busters God Bless

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