Engine braking question

Hello all...

I am rather new to the 4-stroke world and love my '01 426.

However, I am wondering if there is a way to lessen the effect of engine braking when letting off the gas.

I have been trying to pull the clutch when getting off the gas, but I'm not sure that would end up being good for the clutch.

I mainly play ride, and trail ride. I do not motocross.

Any help would be appreciated.



YZ timing supposedly lessens engine braking...


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Turning up the idle speed should do it.

Engine braking can be a good thing!

Most ex-two stroke riders try to fight the engine braking effect that four strokes provide and use the rear brake like they do on two strokes. I'm a long time four stroke rider and when I hop on a two stroke I nearly kill myself on the first few corners I come to because I'm not using the read brake at all.

I suggest learning to use the engine braking to your advantage. When coming into a corner try downshifting instead of applying the rear brake. Its amazing how well this works once you get the hang of it.

Just my $0.02

The only thing you can do with the rear brake, is kill the motor. Get a hacksaw and cut the thing off. Or, if you have some tools, you can take it off that way also. Compression can be your best friend if you learn how to use it. Then you can smoke the two smokes.

Hang in there, you will love it.

I try and use it to my advantage like mentioned above. For instance at my track there is a couple of doubles that are immediately followed by a corner. On two of them I downshift in the air and get on the front brake hard upon landing to make the corner. (I don't touch the rear brake) And on another on I need to slow so fast that I usually hit the jump in 3rd and downshift to 1st in the air. The exhaust sounds crazy when I land but it works great. I'm not sure off what kinda abuse this is doing ot the bike but I've been doing it for probably 6 months now almost every weekend.



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