new 450 or keep 2000 426 ??

friend just offered me $2000 for my 2000 model which needs some maintanence. Ive been thinking I would like a new 450 (Honda or Yamaha ?) do you guys think its worth it for a rider who is only out a couple times a month ??


Will it make you smile and/or make you happy? If so then do it!!! I'm in the same boat, I REALLY want a new 450 (blue, not red!) but just can't justify the cost right now, especially since my wife and I are expecting a little one in February. If only I hadn't bought a new sled... :thumbsup: If I had the cash and a decent offer on my bike, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I would wait one more year. See if Yamaha will do the 4 strokes in the aluminum frames.

wait for the aluminum frame. You'll kick yourself in the ass if you buy an '05 and then somebody pulls up with a new '06. I ride the original YZ400 roughly 4-5 times a month and still love it. You don't always need the newest stuff. I say ride your 426 hard and wait for the new Yami's! :thumbsup:

I would sell it w/o even looking back! Either Red or Blue 450 is awesome - you will not regret either 05 bike - or you can wait til 07, 08 or 09 for whatever new wisbang new feature comes - and your 2000 will be worth nothing then... :thumbsup:

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