Top speed of a 96 XR600?

My old man has a 1996 XR600 that is stock except it has an XRs only muffler. What would u reckon the top speed would be? It seems to be geared pretty tall and here in Ohio we hardly ever get it out of second.

My '94 XR600 has gotten up over 100 with stock gearing and a slight tail wind. It normally has a top end of about 90 to 95. Fast enough for me. The only mod I have done is the Thumper end piece and rejetted. Mine has a speedo as it is street legal. The speedo has been checked against the wifes Accord.

Thanks, just wondering how fast it would go. My 416 will keep up with it till bout 60 then the old man is off and gone. U know what they say theres no replacement for displacment

my 85 would get into the mid 90s without any trouble; a smaller pilot (i'm about 260) might get 100 MPH out of it. it had a K&N ait filter, ventilated air box, and a complete supertrapp exhaust. other than that it was stock, i think.


My 95 with he 14/48 dyno out at 106 mph with me on it (210lbs)it got to 94 mph and with the 13/48 80mph. E Ticket ride.( All speeds came off a GPS ) :thumbsup:

Yeah that sounds about right, a friend of mine has an '86 XR600 which he's taken to 97mph (indicated) and with stock gearing and no modifications to anything, the bike is completely stock.

My XR650R uncorked/jetted, and geared stock, will hit 102 as indicated on the aftermarket speedo. Don't know how much error there is.


I ran 15/48 gearing and mister GPS said 93mph flat out top speed.

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