Help with 1991 Honda XR250R

Ok I have a good chance to get a 1991 HOnda XR250R. The guy wants $950.00 for it. Alot better than a knew at a $4,699 retail price. How good was the 1991 Honda XR250R? Like the engine,and everything. I am 16 and a begginer to dirt bikes but I have rode mountain bikes for the last 10 years and I can handle a mountain bike like you can't imagine. Thanks Matt

Matt: The '91 XR250R (like most Honda XR's) is an excellent bike. I have owned practically every XR ever made from 1975 thru 1998. I had a 1990 XR250R and just loved it. Even when ridden hard and "abused" the bikes will keep on going. The critical areas I suppose would be with the clutch and the maintenance of the engine. With any bike, changing the oil regularly is essential. That includes changing the oil filter, too. Also, check the clutch operation for any slippage. Other than that, the bike should be pretty solid and last for a long time to come. Good Luck.

Matt: A couple other things I forgot to mention. The proper adjustment of the valves is another important area. I'd ask the previous owner if this was done on a regular basis. It should have been done after initial break-in and then about once every year or so. If the bike is in good shape otherwise, the price seems right. Have fun.

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