what are the 4 jets on the bottom of the yz 400 carb??


Looking at your carb from the bottom with the throttle cable housing on the left; you see a cluster of three jets. The center one is the main jet (which is screwed onto the needle jet), the one to the left is the starter jet and the one to the right is the pilot jet. The one closest to you (apart from the others) is the pilot screw.

Here's the stock sizes for the jets.

jet needle: OBDVR

needle jet position: groove #4 (from the top)

main jet: #175

standard pilot screw position: 1 3/4 turn out from lightly seated.

pilot jet: #45

I hope this helps... :thumbsup:

Don't you love it when you answer a question and you get no thanks for your help. I had to get up open the manual and look this [@#$%&*!] up. Besides it was sort of a stupid question, if you're messing with your carb, get a manual and find out; there's other little nuggets of information in there too. Amazing!

Hey man,

Thanks for the tip!

I got some good from it and want to thank you.

ripntear :thumbsup:

Glad to hear I helped someone out! Thanks for letting me know my post was not completely useless. :devil::thumbsup:

i think your one of them know it all [@#$%&*!] suckers. do you really need me to type in 'thanks', cause if you do just say so. anyone that replied to my question with some sort of info is obviously helping me out. what gives you the idea thats its useless. im sure that if you were one of the ppl that weren't capable of answering my question, you wouldn't answer it. and since you did, im sure it will help me or anyone else.

my apologies, I just figured you'd get the info sooner and at least give a guy a small thanks for the help. And no I don't know it all, I've had to ask others questions as well; difference is I don't call them [@#$%&*!] suckers for answering my questions.

alright man i take that back. im thankful for any info given whether its says it or not. hopefully ppl understand that

no problem, glad to help.

Still getting help from this post - thx yzf_rider400!

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