Questions regarding a Canadian MSO for an o4 WR450F

OK, I need to find out if anyone has purchased a new WR450F from Canada, and if you did, did the MSO say "off road" anywhere on it? I know US WR's did, but I also know Canadian WR's get the green sticker in Cally. I purchased a new one hoping to plate it in my home state (WA) and it can be done if it doesnt say ORV on the MSO. [fingers crossed] :thumbsup:

I got mine from Int'l Brokers. I dont remember what the MSO said, Ill check all the papers at home, after work tonight and let you know tomorrow. I 'think' the MSO only had the shipping weight, vin#, and make and model. For Customs use only. But again... Im in Calif... so my papers may be different. Ill let you know.

Any problems picking up your created bike??

Did everything work out well??

The pics of your ride look SWEET!!!!! Good job!!!

My dealer in Canada makes sure it doesn't say off road on the paperwork.. I make sure of this before I send him my money..

No, mine had a code mx or md. I don't know, I registered it for the road no problem. Cheers and good luck. S.

I never really got a 'true' MSO document. But I did have a invoice document that had the VIN#, make, date of manufacture and weight, then at the bottom of the page it said OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

BUT, the DMV never requested to see that document, all they needed was the title/pink slip. (which was from Indianna) Maybe the pink slip had a code on it that said OHV. I could not deciper anything obvious on it.

Bottom line... I got OHV registration.

Don't give 'them' any more info than they need, maybe you'll get lucky.

Good luck.

The documentation that comes with a Canadian bike is called the "new vehicle information statement" or NVIS for short. This is issued by the manufacturer to facilitate registration on a new vehicle. I can't comment on the NVIS for a 2005 WR450 but I can tell you that the NVIS provided for my 1999 WR400 did not mention anything about being Off-Road only. I don't think there will be any mention of its intended purpose. Sorry I could not give you a definitive answer.


Fershy, that kinda what I wanted to hear. Mine is an 04 model, I'm still waiting for paperwork (may have to badger him with another email request for papers) so if it doesnt say "off road" I'm going to be OK. But untill its a done deal, I'm still praying. And I will follow up with the final outcome. There is quite a few in here already who are waiting for the outcome to determine if they will buy one, so lots is resting on my shoulders! :thumbsup:

The 'NVIS' form in Canada is coded to let the Ministry of Transport in each province know if the bike is for off-road use only. There is a code box that will have 'MF' which is the code for off-road vehicle. Through the magic of scanners and good imging software this can become 'MS' which is the code for street use. Some provinces basically don't care about the codes and will register your kid sister's tricycle for the highway if you are so inclined. Here in Ontario we have to work a little magic.

Willy Fitz

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