04 or 05 WR450 which one's better?

I was reading a couple of recent threads here and I noticed some of you are thinking that the 05 model WRs aren't as good as the 04s, just curious to why you think that. I realize the tank is smaller (I don't know why it is either) but the 05's are loaded with new updates. The bike is to set about 20mm lower (frame lowered by 10mm), so that means the other 10mm was either in suspension or seat foam, to say 10mm of suspension makes the bike weakly suspended is a stretch. I love the lower frame and the fact that it's green sticker. The front brake routing is a huge one too, I guess the Honda patent ran out, finally. Personally, to me this bike (on paper) looks like the best WR to date. I've already ordered mine. :thumbsup:

What are your thoughts?

Dan :devil:


'05 all the way...I have to agree....plus, you get some decent handlebars....

Personally, however, I'm waiting for '06......alum. frame and even lighter..... :devil:

Well the fact that I'm headed out the door to pick up the last 2004 WR450 I could find should tell ya where I stand.

I'm a tall guy so the shorter bike is a negative to me (especially since half of it came out of the suspension)

Also the gas tank was too small on these bikes to start with... and they made it even smaller, yet another negative. Then theres the lower compression and the higher pricetag... The sticker thing don't matter a hill of beans to those of us outside of CA and the brakeline is easily rerouted.

There were a few nice changes to the 05 but there were just as many negative changes...

I would have been happy on a '05 too... but given the choice between the 2, I'm damn glad I found a '04 still sitting in a showroom.

04 all the way! No 05 short cuts for me! :thumbsup:

ya the 04 is a tall mans dream,now its just another bike for the vertically challenged! :thumbsup:

I picked up my '04 WR450 about 250 miles ago and the rig is sweet. If they are putting a smaller tank on the '05 range will be an issue for sure as my bike DRINKS fuel in a huge fashion. I am 5'11" and dont have any issues with the hight. The 10 mm out of the suspension and 10 more from the seat, which is already stiff does not make sense to me. I am sure the '05 will be sweet - just plan on spending another $250 or so on am IMS Tank and setting the suspension a bit stiffer.

WHy do you need a 05 wr 450 when you have an 04 300 exc. I thought everyone was dumping the big thumpers for the miracle orange bike.

The 05 has a smog pump to get you that green sticker. I am guessing that is a few months there will be a new addition to the common mods; remove the smog pump. Time will tell.

WHy do you need a 05 wr 450 when you have an 04 300 exc. I thought everyone was dumping the big thumpers for the miracle orange bike.

I bought the 300 to ride the ISDE qualifiers in Idaho, I always planned on getting the 05 WR when they came out, still not sure if I can afford to keep both bikes considering I just bought a house.

The 300 is an incredible bike, everyone that's ridden mine can't believe how smooth,fast and light it is, it's truly one of the nicest bikes I've ever owned.

As far as guys "dumping" fourstrokes for a miracle bike, I don't know any. The WR is a great bike for me, I go on long distant rides with my friends and I need a fun, comfortable, reliable bike to ride all around Nevada on, the WR suits me fine.. After all, I've owned 3 of them.

I think the 05 will be a nice bike but until someone rides one its all just speculation.

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