Rear sprocket bolts??

This is the second time I have broken bolts out of the rear wheel.

After the first time, I replaced all the bolts with new locking nuts and bolts. I tightened them as tight as I thought was wise.

I'm going to replace the stock sprocket with a new sprocket, probably Renthal, buy new bolts, tighten them, and see what happens.

Has anyone had this problem and solved it??


Are the holes in the hub ok(not round wollowed out)Seems like most of the problems like this are related to bad hubs!

Hope this is not the case with yours! Good luck!!


I have had 2 failures in the past. A couple of buddies have also. Here is what we brain stormed on the issue

When the bolts become loose they get strectched by the pounding. Once Stretched you can never keep them tight. If you torq them and locktite them the metal is still fatigued and the bolts will stretch further and eventually cause a failure.

Soon as find loose bolts I replace them, set them up with locktite, and torq them to proper specs (over tighening can be bad too). I have not had a failure since doing this (knock on wood).

Since you had replaced the bolts I would look at locktiting and proper torq. But before that I would make sure your hub holes are not elongated. That would allow the movement to stress the bolts.

I always put new bolts & nuts in when I replace the chain and sprockets. Never fails. I am going to be putting on my 4th set of chain and sprockets on my WR450 this winter. :thumbsup:

I recently destroyed the rear hub of my wr 426 2002.

I installed a new JT steel sprocket at the beginning of this year. It came loose once and I retorqued all the bolts. Then on the mx track the sprocket got torn away from the hub without any warning. I had to replace the rear sprocket/hub and have the wheel relaced. I also had to buy new bolts. I had to pay near $60.00cdn from my local friendly Yamaha "stealer" for these bolts :devil:.

From the good inputs I received from this board, I torqued the bolts at 25 ft/lbs with blue loctite. :thumbsup:

So far so good.

I went to Apex to get a new sprocket and bolts for the rear

wheel. The parts guy said that someone had just come in and bought all the sprocket bolts.

They called Rocky Mountain to see if they had the bolts and they were sold out also.

I see a pattern.

Ironman sprockets sells an excellent grade of bolts and nuts to go with their great sprockets:


I just bought a Protek bolt kit from Ebay. It seemed to be OK. I'll see the quality when I get the parts and I will inform you.

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