Quiet Exhaust Systems

I have been testing a number of quiet exhaust systems which include the following:

1) The stock unit modified.

2) FMF PowerCore IV Q-Series

3) Big Gun Quiet Series

4) E-Series with Quiet Baffle

I will post all the results soon!



what about the procircuit T4 pipe?

Originally posted by Matt96xr6:

what about the procircuit T4 pipe?

I've run out of money so it's gonna be awhile before I get to the T4. They actually make a quiet core for it (but of course that's extra).

It's a good looking and Mega-Lite unit.

Also louder than the E-series (if you can believe it) in stock form!

How about stock with the HRC tip and Baja Designs quiet baffle :applause: I would guess its under 92dbs :eek:


I was told they discontinued the E series. I tried to order one awhile back.

Do you notice a lot of performance loss with the Baja Designs baffle? What is your top speed with the baffle?

Yikes wr450fyamaha, you're digging out a 4 year old post. Why :D

hehe, i dont know, i went to the last ones and posted in em

Seriously dude...theres no prize given for most posts in a single month!

Just ask BWB...he he


Nobody mentioned the Supertrapp ISD2 Quiet Series !!! I just bought one and getting the jets installed today (55/160) , I got a deal I couldnt refuse !!! I'll Report back soon


Wow, the jets are in and pipe is on now with 12 disks . Iv'e uncorked the monster !!!!! This thing's pissed now and keeps trying to throw me off !!! Gobs of power :banghead:

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