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First time jetting results....

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Ok, so I messed with the jetting on my '04 YZ250F for the first time last week. I put a new Dr. D pipe on it Tuesday, rode it for a while pulled and noticed the electrode insulator was white. I increased the main jet 1 size to a #182 and left the needle alone. I also was having a pre existing problem with low idle bog. I'm pretty confident that the problem was the bike was idleing a little low so I ran the idle up adjusted the fuel screw for the best response on from a quick 1/4 twist and then backed the idle back down, significantly less bog. I rode the bike and checked the plug at all of the throttle positions. The electrode insulator is a light gray color. The side of the insulator has a soot ring about 1/8 of the way down. I read several posts on jetting/plugs and from what they say I think the carb is set up correctly or at least close? I also rode quite a bit this past weekend in heavy sand, hills etc.. so I went through all of the throttle ranges. After I was done I checked the coolant level and it doesn't look like the bike lost any coolant the whole weekend. I also checked the plug insulator, with a magnifying glass, for specks and didn't see any.

Any opinions on my first jetting attempt?

Thanks in advance.

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