03 WR450 - 210lbs with gear - what spring rate for rear?

I need a new spring for the rear. I know some question the Race Tech calculator. I am looking for like weighted people to comment.

No fat jokes. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your input.


I used the same one from RACE TECH and went to the next heaver rate which worked out well.

I ride mostly desert in SoCal. and I also set my sag up a tiny bit higher then recomened to take the OH S_ _ T out

of the unexpected drop off's that you do'nt see till

your in the air.

Good Luck Jerry :thumbsup:

i'm about the same size. 5.8 should work. i don't trust the race tech charts.

i don't trust the race tech charts.

Me neither. I went with a 5.6 but I weigh about 180 +/-. A 5.8 sounds about right in your case.

I'm not sure about this spring thing.

I weigh 215 out of the shower & have taken 45 foot gap jumps on my stock WR without smashing the rear or front fender against the tires. I didn't say they didn't touch, but never threw me.

I doubt if "many" WR owners are subjecting there bikes to these conditions. I do alot of motocross type riding on my WR & THE STOCK SUSPENSION IS AWESOME.

Ofcourse you have to set your preload {race sag}

I'm not sure what others are doing to need the big springs...i guess it must be 75-100 foot triples :thumbsup:

I will end by saying "My 04 WR's suspension has saved my life on more than one occassion. I've unexpectedly drove through hell many times at insane speeds & have always came out the other end. Often stopping to reflect & say to myself. How in the hell am i still here !!!

Maybe i only think i ride hard, but i seriously doubt it.

My previous three bikes were all new KX 500's.

Sold the last one before i killed myself. Lost respect for the beast & would have eventually paid the price.

Ditto on the 5.8 kg I used to run on the stock shock was great. I run a 5.9 kg now on the Ohlins shock. :thumbsup:

Many people seem to have the impression that the only reason to run a heavier spring is to prevent bottoming and that the ride will be harsher as a result. In actuality the ride is in many cases actually smoother since less preload is required to obtain the proper sag. IMO the stock WR setup is a little unbalanced with the rear suspension being softer than the front. This has the effect of making the bike turn poorly since weight is unloaded from the front wheel. In my experience going to a heavier spring significantly improves the handling of the bike. The manual lists the maximum rider weight for the stock spring at something like 160 lbs.

I am 210 to 215 with gear and just put a Race Tech 5.6 on and like it a lot. I also put 48 springs up front and it has made a big difference in how the bike handles. I set the rear sag at 100 and I am still playing with the clickers depending on where I am riding :thumbsup:

I'm 198lbs plus gear and love my 5.8

Forget about the racetech calculator, it lies! I installed a 5.4 as racetech recomended and it was crap.

First off, I would like to thank everyone for the quality responses.

I especially liked PBDBlue’s comments. I am very sensitive to ride height/chassis attitude and have known all along that the spring rate was wrong. I even tried to hold the back up with more compression damping, but we all know that is the wrong answer.

I sold my flat track racer last night so I now have more cash to put into my WR. I am going to buy a couple of XR100s to bang around on my 1/10th mile oval and get a new spring for the blue monster.

Thanks again for the help.

Ride fast - take chances,


since everyone says racetech's calculator is inacurate, is there any other calculators out there that are better?

if not what spring would ya'll recommend for a 275lb rider?

Race tech recommends a 6.0 in back and .50 in the forks :thumbsup:

I would stay with a 6.0 and .5 if you want a normal off road ride for trails and it wont be too stiff at low speed technical rocky terrain. If you are a very aggressive hard charger then you will want to go stiffer in the rear. :thumbsup:

I think that race tech calculator is;nt that far off

just that it was set up very generic, we all have different

riding styles and preferences.

You can get a general idea off the calculator,however I

would give Kevin at race tech a call he's pretty good about

getting you in the ball park for your riding style.

Jerry :thumbsup:

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