I know its a 2-smokes but maybe someone can help with parts

my dad finally gave me his old '83 yz-490. The last time this bike was ridden was by me around 10 years ago. Since it has set up and will need to be completely rebuilt. My problem is Im having trouble finding parts for the vintage bikes. Im looking for things like engine (top and bottom end) and trans rebuild kits. bearings and bushings, plastics, etc. does anyone know a good place to find parts for this old 2-stroke? thanks.

do a search on vintage motocross bike parts - you will find a ton of info. That was a nice bike in its day(although I vaguley remember several headstays snapping in two) - should be a cool vintage class MXer.

As far as engine parts go, Yamaha used this same engine until the early 90's, so they "should" be readily available. The last models made were a WR500, but same motor. If you need bearings, try a normal bearing place, or even NAPA. They are usually imprinted with the measurements, but can always be measured and cross-referenced.

As far as the 490 goes, it can be a bear. Hard to get to run consistently. Check out Rick Seimen's column at http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/columns/dntask/ - he firmly believes the 490 is best used as a boat anchor! But, a running bike is a running bike.

I would try cleaning everything up (carb, etc), and see if it will run. Good luck.

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