Hey thumpers

I am a long time reader 1st time poster. First I would like to say thank you for all the help u guys gave me tuning my 2001 426 .I got it about 2 years ago and u guys have helped me do everything from changing my swing arm bearings to deciding what tires to lace up and I thank you. But now I have a situation that is over my head so here it goes… was riding some sand dunes when all of a sudden my bike died out happened b4 so no biggie but once I went to give here a kick I noticed the kick starter was seized was able to move it down a little but all I heard was metal grinding so I decided to push here back to the truck thank god I was not that far lol

What would u guys do in my place? What would u look for? Could it be the clutch plates?

Or the crankshaft I can put her in neutral and shift gears

Would like to hear u guy’s opinion before I bring it in to a mechanic

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Thank you guys again for your help

mike :thumbsup:

Bummer dude.

When mine did that it was a smashed up head and a bent conrod. Whatever it is it doesn't sound good.

You could pull the sparkplug and see if it's mashed up, or take the head off and see what you can see. You could also try to pull the carburator off and see if there are metal particles in the carb on the engine side. I had a bunch of shrapnel in there from the valves and head.

ok thanks for the advice i will check the plug and head :thumbsup: tonight will let u know what happens

thanks for the reply

my brother has an 01 YZ426 and his lower connecting rod bearing siezed just a week ago. so be sure and check that if you take the head and the cylinder off.

ok i read his post concerning that but i think removing the head is a little above my head no pun intended i will try it out tonight wish me luck

spark plug is ok and no metal shaving`s in my carb

how hard would it b to get to the connecting rod bearing once i remove the head cover and any advice in doin so

and i guess i should drain the oil b4 doin so.....right

thank you in advance

the big end bearing is many hours work away from the head cover. This is what I'd do if I were you:

Remove the clutch cover and clutch hub. This will tell you is the problem is engine or clutch/kickstarter/oil pump related. If the problem is in the engine, remove it from the frame and strip for inspection. Even if it's only done a top end, you need to strip the bottom end to clean out the debris.

just a thought, On my 2001 426 once the exact same thing happened - bike died and kick starter froze. I found nothing unusual in the motor etc..I did try to roll start it & it fired right up - I figured a valve probably the exhaust valve froze up. After roll starting no further problems - I did get valves adjusted afterwards. Hope you bike did not seize.

when my bike seized on me,the plating wore off the cylinder bringing the piston to a screeching halt.The reason was is the lower rod bearing was starting to go south and it started to twist the piston in the cylinder bore which in turn ruined my cylinder.i found this out from Lukes Performance when i gave him my old cylinder on exchange.just another thing to look out for,good luck :thumbsup:

That sucks for sure!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

well guys here is a update the connecting rod bent and the bearings are seized :devil: just got the call from the mechanic i dealt with nice guy and very helpfull he said there was no damage to the pistons or the seals so in a way i am lucky ....... i guess

should get here back next week sometime nothing worse that a empty garage :lol:

thanks again for ur posts :thumbsup:


The connecting rod is bent but no damage to the piston/cylinder?! Hard to believe :thumbsup:

That’s a good point I will b going to see for myself tomorrow

The connecting rod is bent but no damage to the piston/cylinder?! Hard to believe

there is no reason why a bent rod would cause piston/bore damage. A bent rod is storter, therefore giving more piston to valve/head clearance.

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