yz exhaust wr headerpipe

hey guys i just got a yz exhaust and just diiscovered that the yz exhaust doe snot fit the wr header. i have a 01 wr426 by the way. so i am guessing i have ot get a yz header. does the yz header still fit to the cylinder head even if it is a wr. i figured it would i wa sjust chekcin before i purchased one. thanks guys

My buddy has the YZ pipe on his WR header and it works well.

Dunno why yours won't fit. Need a different clamp maybe?


Any WR or YZ header from 1998 to 2002 will work no problem. I am guessing you are missing the flange gasket where the header and exhaust meet.


A 98 header did fit my 04wr with a yz muffler. Should only have to move the header up to change oil filter.

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