Knee Braces

Has anyone got there knee braces paid for by there health insurance, and if so, how? :thumbsup::devil::awww:

I Wish! I'll be watching this thread.

Im in the military and have Tricare and am currently in the process of trying to get them to pay for a pair for me...ive been told that if i can convince them enough that they are needed in alot of activities(im sure i can make some more up!) that i do often that i can get them paid for. Good thing too cuz i aint paying 600+ for em!

GOOD LUCK with Tricare! I'm retired Army and have (Prime) Translates into Cheap *&^ards, I have been fighting that battle since 1998. I finally said the Hell with it and bought a set of Asterisk Cell's.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I took my time trying (procrastinating) to find the best deal getting my braces. I eventually ordered them on a Monday, right after the Friday afternoon I tore my ACL.

If I hadn't been such a cheap b*stard, I wouldn't be dealing with surgeons trying to find the best one, with my insurance company, getting MRI's and looking forward to 3-6 months off the bike.

Just BUY them, trust me, its worth the cost.


I actually got Blue Cross to pay for my CTi2 in '99. They wanted a letter of medical necessity from your doc and a prescription for them, and for the love of god don't say you're going to use them for any sporting activity (especially motorcycles). You might try talking to Innovation Sports because it seems like they have a list of docs that they can recommend to you who will know what to write. Of course I only got mine after I tore my ACL.

I have off-the-shelf Asterisk Cells and love them. Cheap, too, at only $549.

For those of you out there that don't have braces yet, go get them! Sure they're expensive, but think of the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you spend on your bike, only to trade it in a year or two later. You can't trade in your knees!

I got my CTi2 through Blue Cross as well, but it was nearly a year after my knee injury. I first tried asking my orthopedic doc but he said since I only had minor tearing of my ACL and a torn meniscus he would not give me a prescription, because he wouldn’t be able to justify them to my insurance company. Nearly a year later while at my primary doc I thought I would ask him, he said “sure I’ll give write you a prescription”. After several letters from him to my insurance, they finally agreed to cover them because my knee was still “unstable”.

Whether you are able to get you’re insurance to pay for braces or not, you really need them to protect your knees. You only have two knees and you have to use them for the rest of your life. It been 2 years since my injury and my knee still gives me problems every now and then. They are worth their weight in gold! Ask anyone who has had a knee injury and they’ll agree.

ya they are definately worth it. i tore my legaments on my left knee in a mountain bike crash. after that my knee would give out and id hit floor anytime i took an impact. i just went and got a evs rs6 brace just for my left knee and its worken great. first day a wore it i hit a jump and had to ditch the bike, i only came down 8 or 9 feet but landed hard. the brace saved my knee, if i diddn't have it on i know i woulda been out for a long time. the evs is probably one of the cheapest out there for only 400 can. after a couple years with it, its now showing wear in some places. the evs web is junk. i was riding with a guy with one on and when he cam down from a tiny jump he was kinda sideways and put his leg out for support. he blew his knee out right there. if that brace couldn't hold up to that [@#$%&*!] hit id hate to see his knee if he crashed on anything bigger, ouch.

How exactly do knee braces work...are there different styles? Which ones are the best?

I blew my left knee to pieces in a crash(severed ACL, severed PCL, 80% tear of the post. lat. lig, both meniscus gone, capsul of knee torn, knee dislocated). This was in Oct. '03. They talked about possibly amputating my leg above the knee. They didn't. 2 surgeries, months of phys. therapy, and approx. $43,000.00 later I'm back on my bike. I now have CTi2 braces for both knees. My insurance(United Healthcare) paid for 90% of the left one. They wouldn't pay for the right. I called Innovative Sports and they wre great! Hooked me up with a prosthetics lab that did all the measuring and insurance submission. Innovative Sports also told me what to have my doc put in the letter to the ins. co.("brace needed for daily activities"). The lab cut me a deal on the right brace(same price as my ins. co. paid just that I paid it out of pocket). After what happened to me, I can't stress enough the importance and need for braces. Knees can't take alot of lateral force and ours, as riders, are hanging out there.GET THEM!!! My research showed CTi2 to be the best but VERY expensive. Off the shelf, I would go with asteric($549/pair). Sorry this is so long. I hope it helps

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