2000 TTR 225 4 Sale Like New

Very low hours, $2,100 or B.O. Located in Rochester, NY

do you have any pictures?

I don't have any I can post right now but it looks JUST like the one on the Yamaha web site. Any little scratches it has would not show up on a photo.

no mechanical issues?

The bike is like new. I got it for the wife because when my son and I got bikes she felt left out. She decided that riding is not for her. I maintained this and all my bikes like they were the last ones I would own. It has seen more oil changes than Jiffy Lube. I have a spare air filter that gets put in after every ride and the front stock tire still has some of those rubber hairs on it. The only defects are a few hardly noticable scratches on the front fender, some paint rubed off on the frame from her boots, a very small scratch near the fuel shut off. You have to look hard to find these. The bike is VERY clean with VERY low hours. IF it has any faults, it would be that it was not ridden hard enough.

dude, put it in the ttr forum!

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