450F Cold starting problems....

I've had this bike for a month and whenever I start it for its first ride it is a real pain to get going. After 20 kicks I resort to opening it up full throttle to get it started. After it is warm it kick over in one start.

Any tips?... Thanks

try adjusting fuel screw and pilot jet, i had the same problem and was able to fix it with these. :thumbsup:

First, the fuel screw, like the man said. Get one of the extended ones so you can easily tweak it to compensate for altitude, weather, and days when the bike is grouchy. ThumperFAQ.com (even though it's all 250F) covers the general method of adjusting it and the information, if not the settings can be applied to the big bike.

Second, for the first start of the day or other times when the bike is thoroughly cooled off, I give mine 3 good twists of the throttle to prime it, push it through compression once, then kick it with the choke on and the throttle very slightly opened off idle. Works EVERY time.

A third possiblity exists, but only if the bike was allowed to sit around unused for a significant period. If stored for some time, the needle/seat and or float could get gummed up enough to stop gas from coming into the carb (I've had this happen many times). In this case, just using the bike regularly will clear it up, but you can also pull the bowl off and clean up with some B12.

Devil's Slide, eh? I know where that is. I have a favorite DS story for you some day.

Great stuff grayracer! Thanks for the input... hope to see you out there this season.

I give mine one twist of the throttle, pull the choke and it almost always starts first kick.

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