new look done, pics

Well finally got the steering head stem bearings in and done. New black fork boots and factory effex graphics (which I am not real happy about the fit of them. no word back from the company. I emailed them about the whole deal).

But until I get red fenders, here is it:

old, stock look:





1996 XR600r

matt, looks good, i also ride a 96.

baja dual-sport kit

src fork brace

src case gaurd

src oil line gaurd

ceramic coated exhaust system

cycra hand gaurds

renthal bars

black maier frame gaurds

k&n air filter

white bros. hot tip exhaust insert

suspension re-valved & re-sprung

enduro-engineering disc gaurd

scotts chain guide

white bros. skid plate

matt, let us know how your graphics hold up

my stock ones finally had to come off,

they were looking really bad. every xr i have

seen with aftermarket graphics either they

start to fall off after awhile, or the

white part turn a pukey brown color.

i ended up going back to the stock taillight,

i couldnt keep a bulb from vibrating loose

in the baja kit one, i got a brakelight kit

for the stock taillight from baja.

i also pulled the blinkers back off

the back ones broke.

so much for the $400 baja kit

yeah, I am looking at the new Baja Designs headlight for the bike. I am thinking of changing the fenders and headlight to red plastic. Plus the new headlight looks more like the stocker with the bottom part to space it up a bit.

I agree with the white tank/plastic! Looks nice when new, but yellows very fast! I light sanding takes most of it off.

So far so good on the rear light. It has held up well for me. Last hard ride was 2 days straight in tight woods with ruts that were 2 foot deep in the uphill section! I fell more times then when I learned to ride when I was 8. ugh! But I would like to go back to the stocker with the taillight setup.

They have a lot of those parts.

Then in the front, I was going to get some of those dual sport guards with the blinkers in there.

If I had only known what I know now! That applies to the baja kit for sure!

I have the same graffix kit w/ seat cover on my 98XR400. It's holding up great. The seat cover is scratched on the inside (it was that way when I bought it)but that's all that's wrong. What problem are you having with yours? Something I should look at? Here's a link to a picture of my bike, since I don't know how to put it in my message.

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